Video Submission Sites List

Online marketing is way more than running ads and social media posting. Videos have become an effective method to drive leads, generate traffic, and grab quality backlinks. Apart from quality backlinks, greater brand awareness can be created with video submissions. Here are top video submission sites that can help your brand attain bigger popularity through video posting.

Bloggers and digital marketers mostly use YouTube for video submission. But there are other prime video submission sites which they are unaware of.

Video marketing is not optional, it’s a necessity

Video content generates maximum conversion. Because videos are the most engaging form of any digital content.

Studies suggest “70% of the online data traffic will derive from videos.”

Reasons why video content so popular?

  • A video= 1.8 million words.
  • People find textual content monotonous.
  • Videos are more attractive than static ads.
  • Videos have better device compatibility.
  • Videos have better sharability.

Benefits of video submission from an SEO perspective

Video submission is one of the best SEO practices for traffic generation and web ranking for blogs and websites. The result depends on which video submission sites you are selecting for your video submission. Choose sites that have high PA, DA, Moz, and Alexa Rank. Here are some key SEO advantages of High DA Free Video Submission Sites

  • Video submission sites can build high-authoritative backlinks.
  • Best practice for off-page SEO.
  • Drive relevant traffic.
  • People connect with videos 3-times higher than static posts.
  • Videos get viral easily and acquire quality backlinks.
  • Videos have a higher end-to-end decipher rate.

Tip: While creating an account on a video submission site make sure you add a link to your website

Types of videos that have higher engagement ratio

For video submission, you need to make a higher resolution video. Here are some popular types of videos that acquire a higher engagement rate on social media-

  • Panel discussion on a trending/controversial topic.
  • Interview with an expert in your chosen domain.
  • Tutorials/solution offering videos.
  • Product reviews.

Let’s have a look at the guidelines on how you should submit videos on high DA free video submission sites. These guidelines will help your video attain a better ranking over Google video, YouTube, and other video submission sites.

  • Use ranking keywords in the video title and description.
  • Keyword usage should be natural to bots and crawlers.
  • Create a catchy title of your video for the feeds and better CTR
  • Give a suitable description.
  • Tag the video according to the niche.
  • Make sure the video is embedded.

Top 5 Free Video Submission Sites

  • YouTube
  • Dailymotion
  • Vimeo
  • Metacafe
  • DropShots

Top 21 High PR Video Submission Sites list

Have a look at the top 21 video submission sites in our list

Sr. No. Video Submission Websites DA PA
1. 100 100
2. 92 91
3. 93 76
4. 99 96
5. 96 82
6. 94 63
7. 92 74
8. 82 72
9. 95 64
10. 77 61
11. 78 57
12. 84 63
13. 84 71
14. 88 76
15. 67 36
16. 70 62
17. 66 64
18. 60 54
19. 70 62
20. 70 62
20. 76 59

How would you market your video?

Unless you create the right awareness with your video, the submission will go in vain. Here are some strategies that will help you make compelling video content-

  • Communicate through relevant blogs of your niche.
  • Send emails to the subscribers.
  • Share video links on your social media handles.
  • Post it on Reddit.
  • Bookmark your video on high DA social bookmarking sites.
  • Consolidate your relationship bloggers, experts, and influencers.

 Creating backlinks

  • Add your new video URL to a high authority social bookmarking site.
  • To index your video, submit new video backlinks to search engine submission sites.
  • Expedite your indexing activity by pinging your video backlinks on free ping submission sites.
  • To get high DA backlinks to submit your video backlinks to directly video submission sites.
  • Submit new articles with links incorporated to various article submission sites.

These are some free leading video submission sites that can be really helpful in preparing your SEO strategy. If you know any other sites apart from the given list, please share it with us in the comment section.

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