Free Image Submission & Photo Sharing Sites List

Are you searching for a list of high authority image submission sites or photo-sharing sites in India to share your images and to get some backlinks for your web pages in 2020? If yes, you are on the right source.

Image submission sites and photo sharing sites allow a user to post or host high-quality JPG, PNG, GIF, WebP, and infographics and presentations images to showcase their expertise or talent in the field in the graphics designing field on the web.

Here you will find a list of top free image submission and photo sharing sites to build high-quality backlinks to improve your search rankings and organic traffic to your website and blog in 2020.

Image sharing websites and photo sharing websites will help you to distribute your original and high-quality informatic images and to get high-quality backlinks pointing to your web pages and to improve your SEO in 2020.

If you are struggling to build high-quality backlinks and boost organic traffic to your web pages, we urge you to read the entire article carefully to know everything about link building from image sharing strategy.

This article will help you learn everything about link building techniques using image submission or photo submission sites. It’s the easiest way to build high authority backlinks and to promote your web pages in the search.

It’s the easiest and cost-effective method to create backlinks through image sharing. It’s also the best way to get your image or infographic content viral on social sites.

What is Image Submission?

Image submission is a way to host or post your image content to different image sharing websites to get high domain authority backlinks. Image sharing is a part of content marketing and off-page SEO. It’s a quick way to make backlinks and generate organic leads for your products or services.

How to do Image Submission?

While you are going to host or post your images and photos to an image submission website, you must have to follow the following rules to get the better result:

  1. Don’t post copied images.
  2. Submit high-resolution images.
  3. Choose high authority websites.
  4. Use the right ALT tags and titles.
  5. Allow users to use your images with credit.
  6. Host an image to a maximum of 3 directories.

Why Choose Image Sharing Sites?

Free image sharing websites or image posting sites allow a user to post or host high-quality and royalty-free image content in their directory. Most of the webmaster and SEO folks use these sites to build quality backlinks pointing to their web pages. Here are the top reasons to choose them:

  1. You can make an audience.
  2. You can showcase your talent.
  3. You can make high DA backlinks.
  4. You can increase your website’s traffic.

Why is Image Submission Important in SEO?

Image submission is one of the most powerful techniques of off-page SEO to build high authority backlinks and to grow organic traffic to your web pages in 2020. If you are a digital marketer or SEO folk, image submission sites can help you increase your backlink graph as well as organic traffic quickly.

What are Best Free Image Submission Sites For India In 2020?

Now, we are going to share a list of best free image submissions and photo sharing websites in India to use in 2020. All the sites having high domain authority itself and will help you to boost your website’s authority. Have a look at them:



In this post, we have cleared everything about image sharing and free image sharing sites in India. We believe this article will help you make more backlinks pointing to your web pages and to grow organic traffic to your web pages in 2020.

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