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I always used the term Backlinks in my every article related to blogging and search engine optimization. Don’t you ever wonder what are backlinks? and how are they generated? Well, Today I will show you how to generate quality backlinks by submitting your sites to various online Directories.

I’ll also share 1500+ High PageRank Directory Submissions Sites List where you can submit your website.

Free Directory Submission Lists with High Page Rank

Is link building on directory submission sites are worthy anymore?

The answer is Yes.

In recent times, there have been discussions where people are questioning the value of links from directory submission sites.

Why, because few people have said that they are not able to see any good results after doing directory submissions.

Yes, it might be true for them.

But let me tell you “Directory Submission” is still beneficial and helps to increase your domain authority.

And if you don’t trust me, you can yourself test it. Just do 5 to 10 directory submissions and watch your MOZ DA and PA score on any new site.

I am 100% sure, that your MOZ DA, PA will increase. What’s that mean?

It means, that the links from the “Good directory Submission sites” still has some sort of value. And that’s why MOZ “one of the leading SEO research company” counts it too in its DA, PA algorithm.

Okay, so now it is clear that “Directory submission sites” are still helpful.

But another question arises is, which are the best directory submission sites.

So, above we had listed some of the best directory submission sites which you can use to build quality backlinks for your website.

There are numerous other ways through which you can drive traffic to your web. Some methods include Search Engine Submission, Social Bookmarking Sites, Profile Creation Sites and much more.

What are Directory Submission Sites?

Just like a business, directories there are web directories on the internet. The task of these web directories is to allow website owners to submit their website’s information on their web directory.

Now website owners can submit their website’s information such as the URL of the website, title of the website, description of the website, and category of the website.

So, in short, a web directory is a place where websites are listed.

But always remember you don’t have to submit your website on any web directory. Because there are so many directories, which have pretty high spam score.

So you should always check the “moz spam score” of the web directory before doing directory submission.

It will help you to avoid building links on spammy web directories. As links from spammy web directory may hurt your Google rankings.

And I would like to share one more important thing about web directory submission. And this is something which many people get wrong.

Whenever you are doing directory submission, make sure you select the right category, before you submit the link to the directory.

Because submitting the links in the wrong category will have less impact compared to the submission of the links in the right category on directory submission sites.

Okay, so by now you must be clear about “What are directory submission sites”. Now let us talk about the benefits of the directory submission sites.

We will look at each of the benefits of the directory submission sites in detail.

Benefits of Web Directory Submission

There are many benefits to web directory submission. And that’s why bloggers and SEO experts do it. But here we will only look at some of the most important benefits of web directory submission.

And this will help you to get a good understanding of the benefits of web directory submissions.

Okay, so let us look at each of the advantages of web directory submissions one by one in detail.

Increase the number of Referring Domains to your Site

As Web directory submission is a part of off-page seo technique. It will help you to increase the number of referring domains pointing to your site.

And we all know, that has a large number of high quality referring domains pointing to our website is good.

Because google counts links as a vote of confidence. And more the good quality of the links, the better it is.

But always remember you should only focus on getting good quality of links. Just to increase the number of referring domains pointing to your site, you should not get links from anywhere.

Always, check the authority of the website before getting a link from there. And you should not spam in order to increase the amount of backlinks pointing to your site.

Otherwise, you will be penalized by the google in no time. And once that happens, then it will become very difficult for you to, rank higher that site again in the SERP results.

Increase Domain Authority of Your Website

This is very important. Web directory submissions help you to increase your domain authority. And domain authority is one of the moz’s metric.

And it helps you to know the strength of your website. It tells you that what chances your website has to rank in comparison to other websites.

Higher the DA (Domain Authority) score of your website, Higher chances you have to rank on the top positions on the SERP.
But as I said, you should only build directory links on high authority web directories. Because those sites will only help you to increase your DA.

And always avoid the directories which have high spam score. Because if you get links from high spam score website then your spam score will also increase.

Increased spam score is something which you should not have on your website.

Therefore, build directory links on high authority and less spam score web directories.

Increase your SERP Rankings

As, web directory submission is a link building technique. And link building techniques helps you to get good SERP rankings.

This link building technique is also helpful in getting good SERP rankings.

You may ask how?

Let me explain you. If you are building links from high authority websites, then for sure you must be getting some link juice to your website.
And because you are getting link juice from these high authority websites, then your websites strength also have increased.

Increase in website strength will directly help you to rank your posts, higher on the SERPs.

Therefore, I strongly recommend you to do link submissions on good web directories.

Increase your Website’s Search Traffic

In the above point, we discussed that web directory submissions will help you to increase your SERP rankings.

And we all know, that increase in SERP rankings means an increase in traffic.

Because if the posts of your website starts ranking higher then more traffic will start flowing to your website.

But for that, you will have to do link submission on some really good web directories.

Because organic traffic or search traffic is the best traffic you can get. As it stays, for a longer time. If you have more organic traffic on your website.

Then that means, your website is getting more targeted traffic. Because organic traffic is the most targeted traffic.

And getting high targeted traffic to your website has many benefits. Some of the benefits of getting high targeted traffic is increase in the conversions, signups, and more ad clicks.

Therefore, you should be doing web directory submissions on the regular basis.

Diverse your Link Building Profile

As discussed above, web directory submission is an off-page seo technique. And off-page seo techniques are very important for ranking in google.

We have also discussed how web directory submission sites are goanna help us in getting more organic traffic.

But other than that, there is one more important benefit of doing link building. And that is, diversification of your link building profile.

Means, having links from different kind of domains is a good practice. Such as you must have external links from social bookmarking sites, profile creation sites, forum sites, and web directory submission sites.

Because it helps you to make your backlink portfolio stronger. And also remember, try to use web directories of all types of TLDs.

You should build directory links from .org, .com, .net, and .in kind of directories too. This will help you to get an upper hand from your competitors.

Okay, so these are some of the most important benefits of the web directory submission sites. And these benefits are enough to convince you that directory submissions are helpful.

Paid Web Directories

There are two kinds of web directories on the internet. One which offers Paid Link Submissions and the other which offers Free Link Submission.

Which one you should choose?

The answer is “Depends on you”.

Yes, it actually depends on your entirely. If you have the budget then you should definitely opt for Paid directories.

Because these directories are highly authoritative and have very less spam score. And links from these web directories will surely help you to increase your website’s authority.

The other advantage of using paid web directories, is they have very short indexing time. Means links submitted on the paid web directories gets indexed fast.

And faster indexing of links will help you to boost your rankings on the SERPs. We all know, higher SERP rankings means more organic traffic flowing to your site.

But what if you don’t have a budget for link building. It’s quite simple, you can actually opt for Free Web Directories.

Free Web Directories

There are many web directories which offer free link submission. And the best thing is that they are highly authoritative and have less spam score too.

But you will need to look for these kind of web directory sites. Or you can use our list of web directory submission sites.

In this post, itself we have shared the list of top web directory submission sites, which have high authority and less spam score.

So use our list of web directory submission sites, if you want to do free web directory submission. But remember, links from free web directory submission sites takes time to get indexed.

And if sometimes, it might even take few months to get indexed. So if you are looking to index your links faster, then I will suggest you to use paid directory submission sites.

As it has faster indexing rate compared to the free directory submission sites.

What are Deep Links Submissions in Web Directories?

Let me talk about one more, important topic. That is submission of deep links in the web directories. There are web directories, which allow you to submit deep links of your website.

What is a Deep Link?

Deep links simply means, links to your specific pages and posts. So if you are interested in building links to some of your posts.

Then you should definitely look forward to create some deep links on these web directories. Because on web directories you can yourself choose the anchor.

But make sure, you don’t use this loophole to spam. Otherwise, you might be red flagged by the Google. And once that happens, it will become very difficult for you to get out of it.

Therefore, only build limited amount of deep links for your website. And these deep links should also be built on the spam free directories.

Always, avoid getting links from any kind of spammed web directory. Because it will do no benefit to you and your website.


As web directory submission is an off-page seo technique. I explained what directory submissions sites are in detail above in the article.

Web directory submission sites are just like business directory sites. But instead of having a business listed on it, websites get listed on the web directory submission sites. In short, a web directory is a place where websites get listed along with its name, URL, description, and category.

Web directory submission sites has many benefits. All of the main benefits of the web directory submission is already discussed in this post above.

But to conclude, the main benefits of directory submission is increasing the domain authority, increasing the SERP rankings, increasing the organic traffic, and diversifying the link profile of your website.

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