Vinay Katiyar is a Digital Entrepreneur and CEO and founder of Redirekt, a search marketing agency helping SMEs promote their businesses over the internet using his expertise in Digital Marketing techniques such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, PPC, etc.

Vinay started his online career with a tech website in 2013 and later on sold it to a friend. He then got into niche marketing and begun experimenting with SEO and Social Media Marketing.

He finally ended up driving Millions of visitors on his niche websites which landed him a few offers of SEO Consultancy.

Since then, Vinay is focusing on scaling his niche marketing website business and freelance consultancy projects. And, trying to create value for others by sharing my knowledge in SEO and Digital Marketing.

About BloggingHype

BloggingHype was originally started in early 2020 by Vinay Katiyar. Over the years, Vinay built BloggingHype into one of the leading sites for digital marketing.

Today, Blogging Hype is managed by a team of marketing experts. Our goal is to help you grow your traffic, business, and marketing career. Whether you’re the founder of a business, freelancer, or the marketing manager, we’ve been there.

We’ll be sharing our best tips, hacks, and systems for growing businesses.

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